Creating a greener future for digital advertising

Everyone who works in digital advertising shares a responsibility to make our industry more environmentally sustainable. Here we've pulled together the work we are doing with our members to minimise the industry’s impact on the environment, as well as the steps we’ve put in place to get our own office and business operations in order

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Sustainability FAQs

To help to make environmental credentials more accessible and improve the focus of the industry, we have worked with our members to design a set of Sustainability FAQs. They highlight how companies are reducing their carbon emissions and what they set out to achieve in the future. Explore responses now as well as how to get involved.

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Key terms

Sustainability glossary for digital advertising

An essential first step is to ensure that we all understand the key terms and use the same language when talking about sustainability. From B Corp to green sheen, we’ve worked with members of our Sustainability Group to explain definitions and how they relate to digital advertising.

Educating the industry

We've pulled together a handy guide which lays out which training courses, workshops and qualifications are available for you to get to grips with environmental sustainability in our industry

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Keeping track of industry sustainability initiatives

There is a lot happening in the sustainability space and it can be hard to know how to get involved. To help you navigate it, we've produced a handy grid to keep track of all the different sustainability initiatives across the advertising industry, as well as their progress.

How we are getting our house in order at IAB UK

As a member of Ad Net Zero, IAB UK is committed to helping the advertising industry hit net zero by 2030. From how we’re using energy, to the products in our office, we have set about reviewing internal operations to ensure the IAB is as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Find out what we're doing internally to cut our carbon footprint - you might find some helpful advice your company can apply to its own practices. We know that this process isn’t finite and we will continue to review our operations to ensure we’re doing everything we can as new solutions and strategies emerge. Currently, key actions include:

• Partnering with charity Thames21 to participate in river clean-ups and reforestation

• Implemented eco-friendly products in our office to reduce water usage by 60%

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Contribute to Showcase for Change

With growing momentum around business sustainability, we launched ‘IAB Showcase for Change’ to spotlight our members’ efforts and inspire others. Got something to add? If you're an IAB UK member, you can submit a case study of standout internal practices or an external campaign that helps to drive greater sustainability in the digital advertising industry.

The IAB UK Sustainability Group

The aim of this group is to help IAB UK members understand how they can best reduce their carbon emissions and fulfil their environmental commitments in the digital media supply chain. Members collaborate to produce best practice guidance, share the work they have done in this space, learn about relevant initiatives and work to create standardisation in a fast-developing ecosystem. The group is open to all IAB UK members and ideal for team members who take an active role in determining and influencing their company’s climate strategy.

Latest news

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Cutting carbon emissions: What are the best ideas that companies have come up with so far?

In an article for The Drum, our members share the single best idea or initiative they have seen from another company to help tackle climate change.

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Practical steps towards a greener digital ecosystem

In this piece by IAB UK Ad Tech Manager, Patrick Hann, get to grips with the challenges and considerations surrounding creative ad load size, focusing on small but impactful changes.

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What needs to change to hit net zero?

After IAB members shared actions they’re taking to create a more environmentally sustainable industry, we’re turning our attention to what more needs to change in order for our industry to hit net zero by 2030 - a goal that is just seven years away.

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7 ways digital advertisers are helping the industry reach net zero by 2030

We asked IAB members to share one action that they’re most proud of when it comes to creating a more environmentally sustainable industry, highlighting how companies and individuals are prioritising efforts to tackle climate change.

Key industry initiatives

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IAB Tech Lab's Sustainability Playbook

Created by IAB Tech Lab’s Sustainability working group, ‘The Sustainability Playbook’ is a tool to guide and assist industry professionals in making advertising more environmentally friendly.

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All For None: Ad Net Zero

Ad Net Zero is the advertising industry’s drive to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing and running advertising to real net zero. It provides insightful guides as well as a five-point action plan as a framework for this transition.

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IAB Tech Lab's Green Initiative

Launched in January 2023, Tech Lab's initiative aims to promote visibility into and accountability for carbon emissions across the digital advertising ecosystem and provide a means for buyers to enforce their emissions standards programmatically.

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IAB UK Sustainability Group

The aim of this group is to help our members understand how they can best reduce their carbon emissions and fulfil their environmental commitments in the digital media supply chain.

IAB Member Vault

After more on sustainability?

The IAB UK Member Vault gives our members a space for their news and opinions around a range of challenges in our industry. For a deep dive into articles, research, podcasts and more around sustainability in digital advertising, pour through our members insights now.

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