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Digital advertising is always evolving and it's key that advertisers understand the latest opportunities - from gaming to CTV. Here we pull together specialist guides to help you unlock new digital innovation

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Looking to take a deep-dive into a specific area of digital? Developed in partnership with our industry groups, find helpful guides and resources on all aspects of digital marketing - helping you to understand industry best practices and new opportunities across fast-growing channels.



Created with the IAB UK Gaming Group, our 'Guide to Gaming' will help you to understand gaming audiences, as well as how to amplify your messaging within this community.

We've also worked with our members and industry partners from the UK, Europe and the US to create a unified advertising framework for gaming and esports.


Connected TV

Developed with our CTV Group, we have created a practical guide to the CTV supply chain and the different CTV options open to advertisers.

Still want more? Why not explore our ' Changing the Channel' research, which includes useful insights for advertisers on how to connect with consumers in the CTV space.

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Affiliate Marketing

From cashback and reward sites, to mass-media publishers, emerging fintech and technology solutions, the affiliate channel is a cost-effective and diverse way to reach both new and existing customers. Find out more via our recent study, plus explore the affiliate channel further.

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Video editing software


From nailing your campaign objectives to key creative considerations, discover the 10 tips for successful video advertising.


Mobile & In-App

Working with our Mobile and In-App Group, we’ve pulled together resources to help you get the most out of mobile and dispel some common myths.

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Created with our Search Group, explore the state of search advertising, the tools available and strategies for success - with guidance from Google, Pinterest, Starcom and more.

New: An introduction to digital display advertising

Created for smaller media owners, this guide breaks down the essential components of digital display advertising - from the different formats available to measurement strategy considerations.

Digital billboards

Digital Out-of-Home

In collaboration with our DOOH Group, we've produced a DOOH Glossary, which marks the first time that the industry has come together to agree on a set of shared terms - from programmatic to measurement. Also explore our guide to DOOH with top tips from our members on how to succeed in this sector.

Guides for small businesses

As part our vision for building a sustainable future for digital advertising, we launched our ‘Powering Up’ research in 2020, showingthat SMEs want jargon-free, accessible advice to help them use digital advertising more effectively - particularly as they emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. These handy guides aim to help small businesses unlock the value of digital advertising - whatever their campaign objective.

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Find out how affiliates can play an important role in reaching existing and new audiences. Brands can closely tailor their marketing according to audience, platform and much more.

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Digital audio is one of the most rapidly growing ad landscapes. Our guide looks at how digital audio advertising can help small businesses reach audiences in a creative and immersive way. 

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Find out how to build authentic awareness and engagement via influencer marketing. By working with influencers, businesses can create content that will authentically resonate with audiences.

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Connected TV

The Connected TV market has been gaining momentum over the last 12 months as audiences have continued to change their viewing habits and, in turn, brands have started tapping into the opportunities it presents.

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Digital display

Display advertising allows for clear and easily distinguishable representation of a brand or product. This guide will help you get the most out of digital display ads.

Digital billboard


Digital out-of-home advertising offers a dynamic and interactive marketing platform for local businesses to engage with potential customers throughout the day. Find out how to harness this.

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Mobile & in-app

More time is spent on mobile than any other medium. Find out how it can be the perfect vehicle to communicate with your customers, whether advertising on another company’s app or developing your own. Learn how to reach your audience on the small screen.

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A native approach can be a good way to create integrated and contextually relevant digital ads. Harness the power of native advertising with this guide.

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Paid search is an important channel because you can put your company right in front of a person that has searched for your service. This handy guide to search will provide an overview of how paid search works and how you can get the most out of it.



You may have heard of the term ‘programmatic’, but how could it be useful for you? Our guide to the programmatic supply chain looks at the different stages involved and what value they add in helping you reach the right audiences.

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Social media

Social is truly at the centre of many of our lives - this guide will help you use social media ads confidently and effectively.

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Video advertising is a high impact and creative method of delivering your marketing message that can drive greater attention compared to text and standard display advertising. Find out more with our handy guide.

Interactive Tool: Helping SMEs get more out of digital

Our interactive tool aims to help small businesses get the most out of digital advertising - why not give it a try?

Real Living 2021

Last year we resurrected Real Living to give us a national picture of people’s digital days, how behaviour is evolving, what this means for advertisers and whether the pandemic will drive lasting change. As part of this research we focussed on specific and fast-growing areas of digital: ecommerce, audio, gaming and connected TV across four specialism weeks. 



Ecommerce has seen a surge in long-term customers after many adopted new shopping habits during the pandemic. Our Real Living research study provides valuable insight for understanding online buyers.



Explore our Real Living findings in relation to gaming. Discover who’s gaming, why they log on and what they think of advertising within the game.



These findings from our Real Living study take a deep dive into the online audio market, looking at listener behaviour and key opportunities for advertisers.

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The final section of our Real Living 2021 study looks at the CTV ad market, viewer behaviour and how advertisers can meaningfully connect with them.

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